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Heavy platesHeavy plates


Thanks to our considerable amount of stock, we can provide our clients with any products they need to any commercial standard. We can deliver any type of raw or customised plates directly to your door by truck, rail or boat, with an excellent lead time and a service adapted to our partners' needs.

Steel plates without a certificate (oversupply and 2nd choice)

These plates are mainly of superior quality, but are not subject to any stringent certification requirements.

As we are aware of the origin of their regrading, they can very easily be adapted to a large number of applications.

They can be broken down into the following specifications

Grading: S235, S275, S355, S460…

Thickness: 4 mm to 350 mm

Width: 1000 mm to 5000 mm

Length: up to 18,000 mm

Unit weight: max. 35 tonnes

Premium steel plates with certificate

MCM Steel also supplies a large range of steel plates with certificate. This certificate guarantees that a steel sheet meets the applicable international requirements according to STANDARD EN 10204.

We have several formats available in stock.

We can meet your needs for newly developed products.

The certificates provided are the documents required by standard EN 10204 (2.2, 3.1 or 3.2)

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